released March 9, 2012



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You, the Ocean Mainz, Germany

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Track Name: you, the ocean - Fitting In
To belong here, you have to wear a mask
you have to bear the consequences
for a frown on your face.
but what about this flood of larmoyance and smiles
hypocritical, exaggerated, non-existent feelings

the word "depressive" is used inflationary
and superlative degree is the most common way to speak
Why is it so hard to accept a helping hand
why dont you see, that you are needed?

and it seems, that only a few can handle the precious good, that we call soul. we are a dying breed.

where are the ones that pick us up?
why do they all have enough
i dont feel better when i dont fit in
so i pull the strings from within
Track Name: you, the ocean - Thursday
You found him in his room
disguised by darkness
a piece of flesh and pain
an what was left of him

you never assumed what he felt
knew he was alone
if you didnt mess up your duty
he would be alive

you killed him

clear signs
a life of agony
a damaged soul
did he have to be that person
how could you let that life slip
another hint he gave you
another chance to relieve the pain
he drowns in his seclusion
the illusion of a shelter
that was taken-taken away from him
no life, no love, no family
a talent for every misery
hes got nowhere else to go

no life, no love, no family
a talent for every misery